Paris 2024

The future construction sites concerning the infrastructures necessary for the Olympic Games of Paris 2024 are launched. With the challenges that go with it ...

A space to be defined

For the organization of the Olympic Games 2024, a set of infrastructure must be built to accommodate the athletes, journalists and tourists from all over the world. The objective is to welcome thousands of people but also to think about the aftermath of the Games. From the setting up of an eco-neighborhood to the taking into account of the opponents to the development of the territory, a series of points must be addressed. What choice should be made between safeguarding the "green lung" or installing attractive housing?

Making way for a new neighborhood

Once the Olympic Games are over, a new district will be able to take off, taking advantage of the new infrastructures (new sports center, etc...), by integrating into its new environment, and by creating a link between the territories.